Who are the Hope House Hazells?

Experience + Trauma = Disorder

Disorder + Wellness + Education = Guidance

and if you just add one thing

+ Funding

we could change the world for

disabled and neurodivergent

young people

Guidance + Funding = Wisdom

Wisdom + Wellness = Attaining Full potential

We are a teeny tiny think tank, with great big ideas.

Located in the picturesque Broads National Park in Norfolk UK,

we believe in finding simple solutions to complex problems.

We believe that children and young adults

that go through hardships are worth investing in.

How much we invest in them determines how they go on to shape their community, for the better or for the worse.

We believe that if you

invest in exceptional children

they will go on to do exceptional things.

We are experts in family trauma and the education of disabled and divergent brains.

We believe that if you don't foster growth,

you breed illness.


We have experience in:

-digital addiction

-paediatric paranoid schizophrenia

-paediatric terminal cancer

-severe OCD

-helping victims of sexual abuse and grooming



-LGBTQ+ pride

-domestic violence



-struggling with identity and gender



-Tourette's syndrome


-drug addiction


Just to name a few

We facilitate cutting edge therapies and offer it to those who need it most.

We help families going through the most difficult part of their lives.

We hold their hand while they share their story with government agencies and interventions so they can receive the best help possible.

We help families living with disability and divergence in their day to day life access their true potential, whatever that may be.

We also conduct research into new and exciting therapies.

We study how we learn by studying the ancient bond forged between animals and human beings.

We learn by training dogs, ferrets, and cats to reach their full potential as loving pets, assistance animals, and family carers.

We use these animals in our research to better the lives of the families we serve.

And in turn we use the research we conduct on animals to better their lives.

And we also just enjoy a good chat and a cup of tea.

So if this sounds interesting to you, why not come on over to Hope House?